Tacton Support

Tacton Support

Support when you need it, how you need it

Because every customer’s need for support is unique, Tacton offer flexible options which can be tailored to meet your requirements. The Tacton support offer will help you to get the most from your investment, and will allow your team to focus on core business.

Product Support – maintenance and support of Tacton standard products (licensed software), including access to software upgrades, updates and corrections.

Managed Support – flexible arrangements for support of customer-specific software and solutions.

Knowledge base – The Tacton Knowledge Base offers you a better customer experience, quicker answers, and all the information you need in one place. Access to the Tacton Knowledge Base is included in your paid maintenance. The Knowledge Base gives your team’s first-line support team easy-to-access product documentation, troubleshooting articles, how-to guides, and FAQs. The Knowledge Base is a natural complement to our support system, JIRA, which is used to communicate with Tacton Customer Support.

To access the Tacton Knowledge Base go to: https://kb.tacton.com

Cloud Operations Support –  run infrastructure support to run your applications smoothly in the Cloud, saving you the up-front capital costs of running a datacenter and improving reliability.

Expert Support– access to named experts in scheduled support sessions.

Extended Services –access to Tacton consultants for one-off service requests.


Contact Tacton support with your questions:
Tel: +46 8 410 244 30
Login to Customer Issue Handling (Jira): http://www.tacton.com/cslogin

Login to Tacton Knowledge Base: https://kb.tacton.com