Semi-new feature in TCstudio 4.5.2: Generate report in configuration runtime

TCstudio 4.5.2 was released just a few weeks ago. In this blog post I’d like to focus on a semi-new feature that was released in this version. In TCstudio runtime, under the options tab there is an option called Generate Report. GenerateReport This is nothing new, it’s been there for quite a while. What’s new is the possibility to save this report to a file, or to copy it. Save In this report you get the complete part structure with all attributes and their values in XML, which is basically the same as the function called View Part Tree. So why would you use this instead of View Part Tree? The reason is control. With View Part Tree it’s very easy to find an attribute you’re interested in – and see how it changes. With the complete XML you can instead watch the whole part structure change – and use XML editors to analyze the changes. One thing I use it for quite commonly is to compare the result of two version of a model. If I do I change, I don’t just want to test if it’s doing what I expected, I also want to check that’s it’s not doing something unexpected. And by comparing two complete XML reports – I can find all changes to the part structure.