Have a look at TCstudio 4.5.2!

Greetings modelers! TCstudio 4.5.2 was released in April, and if you haven’t already, you should try it out! This release includes a couple of bugfixes, as well as some new ease-of-life features. For example:

  For a full list of changes, and to download the TCstudio 4.5.2 installer, please head over to our product portal! Happy modeling! /Tacton R&D

Technical Approvals

Have you seen the new approvals functionalities in TCsite 3.1? We now have two types of approvals available: Commercial approval and Technical approval. The approval panel provides an overview of the approval status of a quotation and its items. ApprovalPanesShort_2 Let’s focus on how the Technical approval works for now. You can find information about commercial approvals in my next blog post! The technical approval has five states: Required, Request, Approved, Rejected and the invisible Not required. If a technical approval has been requested a status icon is shown in the product panel.If there is no need for a technical approval the approval is considered to be in the not required state and no status icon will be shown in the product panel. productPane So, how does the system know that a technical approval is required? A Technical approval is triggered by the presence of any component class feature named ‘ETO’ (short for “Engineer to Order”) of type boolean in the model with the value “Yes”. ETOComponentYes_2 If the user selects an ETO component the request for a technical approval will be triggered and shown on both the quotation dashboard and in the product list. In the example below three of the four items need a technical approval. quotationPane If an item requires approval, you need to request that approval manually (but you do not need to know who to ask for approval, the system takes care of that). To request an approval, click on the item’s status icon. A dialog will be opened where the user can send an approval request to all TCsite users with the permission to “grant technical approvals for quotations.” request In the example below, two line items are waiting for an approval: waitingForApprovalPNG If you as an user have permissions to grant approvals, an approval tab will be shown with a list of all waiting approvals. approvalTab The list shows what product has been configured, in which quotation and who is requesting the approval. By clicking on the line item, detailed request information will appear where you can grant an approval or reject the request. In the request you will be able to see what part or component is trigging an engineer to order request. You will also have the ability to edit the cost and the price of this component. techapprPNG In the example below , one line item has been granted an approval and the second one has been rejected. The third one still needs to have an approval request sent. productPane_2 Note: The screenshots used in this article are taken from TCsite’s responsive mode, but the approval functionality also works in TCsite’s default mode but with a different UI.