Meet the People at Tacton: Joel Persson

Meet one of the newest additions to the Tacton family: Joel Persson. Joel just finished a 1.5 year project in San Francisco working on self-driving cars to come back to Sweden and work for Tacton. At Tacton, Joel is currently attending the Tacton Talent program.

How come you chose to work for Tacton?

During my studies in Mechanic Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm I was responsible for business contacts at the student work fair. Through that project I came in contact with Tacton for the first time. I was intrigued by the opportunity to not have the ”normal” job a Mechanical Engineer usually ends up with (create CAD-drawings) but rather get a good insight in many different business areas. Thus, when I came back from the USA, Tacton was on top of my short list.

You are currently attending the Tacton Talent Program. What is your impression so far?

It is intense but great! We are getting lectures from every single department of Tacton so we get insight of what, for example, the Sales Department does in detail

“The Tacton Talent Program is a great way of getting to know the people you will be working with, as well as meet in the coffee room. 

I believe it will make it easier to cooperate and help each other in the future.”

What are you doing at the Tacton Talent Program?

We are eight new employees at the Tacton Talent Program. We come from different backgrounds and with different skill sets but in terms of CPQ we all start from scratch. Throughout the training we implement the theory directly in the Tacton configurator by creating an advanced Bike Company. Everything we learn gradually gets integrated into that model as we proceed. I believe this training is a great way to familiarize yourself with all the products at Tacton, even those I will not work with directly in my role as Business Consultant.

What would be your recommendations for future Tacton job applicants?

I know it is a bit difficult to really wrap your head around the idea of CPQ, it took me some time before I really grasped it. I would recommend you to try to understand it before you apply to have a head start. Having said that, everyone starts from scratch in terms of learning CPQ since it is a very special niche.

Lastly, mention something your future co-workers may not know about you!

During my studies I was involved in a project of building a school in Kongo. I was on site for a few months during that project, it was an amazing experience!



Joel Persson

Business Consultant | Mechanical Engineer |

Stockholm | 51 days at Tacton

Passionate about: Making a better world, playing bass in my indie rock band, wind surfing