Meet the People at Tacton: Ida Sjöstedt

Meet Ida Sjöstedt, a senior Business Consultant and Model Lead at Tacton Systems. She recently celebrated 9 years at Tacton.
What is the key for Tacton to keep you around?
I have always liked the fact that I really get an intellectual challenge from working here. Many of the projects I do really keep me on my toes, which is fun and stimulating. I also like the fact that I get to work with complex solutions that integrate both ”nerdy” technical stuff with softer aspects like human communication. A customer problem is not solved solely with technical solutions but also by understanding how the people interact and work.

I have received several job offers from other companies during my career but nothing has been able to match this aspect.

What has been a highlight of your career at Tacton?
I spent a few years working on a project in Parma, Italy, during my first years at Tacton. That was an amazing experience. Not only was I working on an interesting project but I loved being in Parma. Parma is a very quaint town with incredible food and great people. I had a great time there!

What would you recommend someone who wants to become a Business Consultant at Tacton?
A lot of what I do on a daily basis revolves around processes so it is important to be able to understand complete processes. A CPQ-solution involves everything from understanding how the customer sells its products to the detailed technical aspects of how they are manufactured. In terms of discussing the technical aspects of manufacturing I have also had great benefit of my background as a Mechanical Engineer. It makes it easier to discuss with the customers and quickly understand their products.


“I like that I get to work with both technical stuff as well as softer aspects, 

like human communication.”

What has been the most beneficial learning from your years at Tacton?

Working as a Business Consultant at Tacton has given me deep insight in many different businesses. You need to understand the customers’ business in order to give them what they want.

How is the social aspect of working at Tacton?
There is a really friendly atmosphere here which I think is an important reason why so many I was working with 10 years ago still work here. Many also hang out during their spare time, playing sports etc. which I think is proof for a good work atmosphere.



Ida Sjöstedt
Business Consultant | Mechanical Engineer | Stockholm | 9 years at Tacton

Passionate about: Gardening & my family