Meet the People at Tacton: Ann Jerreborg

If you apply for a job at Tacton, you will eventually meet Ann Jerreborg as she is the head of HR. Today, she will tell us a bit about how it is to work at Tacton and how the recruitment process is here.


Why did you choose to work at Tacton?

I have been working a lot with engineers in previous HR jobs which is something I really enjoyed. Engineers tend to be very ambitious people and people who work with something they have a great interest in. So when a former colleague invited me to apply for this position at Tacton, I was excited about working in a Swedish high-tech company with its own product. I also loved the challenge of being in a key position to find talents for a company with a very high expansion rate.


I want to make sure Tacton is a great place to work at so I can market it genuinely towards new talents.


When you recruit new talents, are there any specific skills you always look for?

In most positions, whether you are a developer, a sales person or a business consultant you need to be good at problem solving and have great social skills. It is also important to be comfortable with constant change since we are working in an ever-changing environment.


What do applicants usually find special about Tacton?

Something that appeals to many of our applicants is the fact that we are a company with a strong international presence. We work all over the world and we have people from all over the world working at our office. With offices in Germany and USA, you also have a chance to work abroad if you want.


Another thing that applicants are positively surprised by is our Talent Program that gives each employee a kick-start into the company. It also enables each employee to get a great network in the company from the very beginning.


During the interviews, everyone gets to meet our CEO, which may come as a surprise to some applicants. We want everyone who are hired at Tacton to feel they have a personal connection with our CEO.


What do you do to ensure the Tacton employees are happy with their job situation?

For me, it is very important to really make sure Tacton is a great company to work in. I want to know for a fact I am ”selling a great product” when I market our positions towards new talents.


In order to verify the quality of our work environment, we work with ”A Great Place to Work”. It is an excellent tool to evaluate, perform work culture audits, and develop your workplace. This is a very important tool for us to make sure we catch up on what we do well and what can be improved.


Which factors receive the highest scores on these evaluations?

One of the things that always score high on our evaluations are factors regarding the co-workers and the camaraderie. People truly like to work with each other here, which is something we value highly.


The employees also have a pride of the product we deliver. We strongly feel that we have a great product on the market which is a very important feeling, especially when you work with the technical or sales aspects of the product.


One thing that is generally appreciated is the possibility to work with interesting and challenging projects that affect the core business processes of our customers. Another thing is that there are many ways of pursuing a career within the company and it is easy to move around since we always try to hire internally first.