Meet the Team behind TactonDay

Any given day, chances are most people at Tacton are working with our configuration engine in one way or another. But there’s also the marketing department, working day and night (well, almost) to make sure the manufacturing industry knows about Tacton CPQ.

Along with executing marketing campaigns, giving the company a fresh logo (you can read about our re-branding here) and running the website, marketing arranges TactonDay, our annual customer event. This year’s event is the sixth and holds the theme “Tacton in the digital era/digitalization”. But before getting into the details of the event, let’s get to know the team a bit better.


  • Anders Ekman, Chief Marketing Officer. Has been with Tacton for four (4) years. One thing people don’t know about you: “I am a certified soccer coach, specialized in speed training.”
  • Petra Lindgren, Marketing Communications Director. Has worked at Tacton for six (6) years. One thing people don’t know about you: “I make fantastic smoothies!”
  • Bénédicte Wipliez, Lead Generation Manager. 10 months with Tacton. One thing people don’t know about you: “I have a secret dream of becoming a TV chef someday. I will probably have Petra and her smoothies as a special guest!”
  • Paulina Tellebo, Marketing Communications Manager. 1.5 years at Tacton. One thing people don’t know about you: “I love singing and do it as often as I get the chance.”


What’s one thing that most people don’t realize about working in marketing?

Paulina: – It seems to me that some people think marketing “just happens” and that there’s no structure behind it. I’d say it’s the opposite. It requires a lot of structure and thought to make a complex product, such as Tacton’s, easily approachable. It’s a fun challenge.

Bénédicte: – I agree. Since we don’t produce concrete products, people often don’t see the value of marketing. It’s usually seen as costing a lot of money.

Paulina: – I do think, though, that most people can see the value of a strong brand in a long-term perspective. Marketing is bigger than a single campaign or a Facebook post. All the little things add up to a well-known and trusted brand – and that’s all marketing.

Petra: – Our new branding is a good example. Every single detail in our new graphical profile is there for a reason – every color, the look of the logo – everything.

Anders: – I want to add that it’s really a lot of fun! Especially when you have a team such as ours. Plus, working together with Tacton’s salesforce to make sure that all prospects get contacted makes marketing bigger than campaigns and the brand. We’re an important part of the sales eco-system at Tacton.

Paulina: – Producing high-quality material as resource-efficient as possible is another challenge. I must say, though, that we’re doing pretty good in this area. Just a month ago, we redecorated the entire office with posters I designed with pictures of our employees. It didn’t cost much but made a huge difference for the office atmosphere.


What’s a challenge with marketing software products?

Petra: The hi-tech market is a fast-moving market. Competitors keep popping up, but they also keep disappearing.

Also, not having a physical product is both an advantage and a challenge, I would say. An advantage because we can easily realign. A challenge because our message and offer easily become abstract and hard to understand for our target group. You can’t touch and hold a CPQ solution in your hands. That’s definitely a challenge for software companies in general, not just CPQ vendors.
Bénédicte: – CPQ is also a very technical niche, which means you can’t sell it to just anyone. We’re constantly working on finding a balance between being value oriented and technical. It’s tough targeting the right people with the right content and message, especially when one message addresses CEOs and the other, engineers.

Anders: – Because of the narrow niche and that our product is a software, we work a lot with activity-based marketing. This means that we analyze all activity that people do on our website, and then send the relevant material to each specific person, based on what they’ve shown interest for.


So, TactonDay! What is it and what can participants expect?

Petra: – We host TactonDay every year and this is the sixth time we welcome close to 200 attendees to Stockholm in October. The day consists of breakout sessions where we share the latest within CPQ, as well as best-practices and great networking opportunities within the industry.

Anders: – From our point of view, the event really is a highlight during the year since it’s our biggest event. It’s the perfect time to connect with customers, partners and analysts and get some facetime. The annual meeting of Tacton User Association is also held during TactonDay.


What’s it like arranging an event like this?

Petra: – Definitely a lot of stuff to do, ranging from setting the agenda and booking speakers to making sure that we have food and drinks for everyone. It’s quite stressful at times but still so much fun. Seeing things coming together is the greatest satisfaction I get in my job.


What’s your best memory from TactonDay?

Petra: – It’s hard to pick just one, there are so many! But for me, the best memory happens every year when the conference opens and you see all the participants, both new and old. It’s like seeing your extended family again. It may sound cheesy, but it’s true!

Anders: – It’s a professional event but with a warm and familiar feel to it. I think we have succeeded in balancing professionalism and a relaxed setting.

Petra: – The fact that we constantly develop and improve the event makes for great chances to create new memories each year. We’ll see what we bring from this year!


What will be new for this year’s TactonDay? Why will the ‘17 edition be the best one yet?

Petra: – Apart from presentations and breakout-sessions, we’re adding a panel discussion on CPQ in Industry 4.0. This is a format we haven’t done before, which is exciting.

Anders: – Obviously, you can expect some great speakers, like previous years!

Paulina: – The overarching goal, which we always have, is of course to inspire the participants and offer some new knowledge and insight into CPQ. We want them to feel confident and comfortable with choosing Tacton as their CPQ partner.


And after TactonDay – what’s next?

Bénédicte: – We’re going to Dreamforce in San Francisco, where we will be a Gold sponsor. It will be a great time to connect with the American market and learn from others in the industry.

Petra: – We will also continue to expand our footprint in the DACH region, where we now have two offices and many exciting opportunities.


Want to know more about TactonDay? You will find everything you’re looking for, here.