Have a look at TCstudio 4.5.2!

Greetings modelers! TCstudio 4.5.2 was released in April, and if you haven’t already, you should try it out! This release includes a couple of bugfixes, as well as some new ease-of-life features. For example:

  • Generate report in configuration runtime: Since this can be quite a large XML result which is hard to get a overview of,  we have added the possibility to either save the report to file or copy it to the clipboard so that you may analyze it further. For more reading about the report, please check out our other blog post: http://modeling.tacton.com/new-feature-in-tcstudio-4-5-generate-report-in-configuration-runtime
  • Create Field from Attribute: We have made some clarification on this action, so that it is clear that it actually works with multi-select. To make life easier, it is also now possible to create Groups inside the dialogue. You can also edit the name of these Groups by double-click in the tree.
  • Completion for Auxiliary Properties:  When editing Auxiliary Property values, you should now get some help on what applicable values there are as you are typing. This applies for built-in properties and those that have been defined in a schema.
  • Copy text/name shorcut key: The shortcut key CTRL+T has been added for copying the text/name of a tree or table element. Quite convenient!
  • Model dirty flag: It is no longer required to lose focus on a textfield before being able to save the changes – just typing in the textfield / textarea should mark the model as dirty with an asterisk.
  • Re-arranging the workspace: Several gradient separators have been added to indicate where you can drag to resize the UI areas!

  For a full list of changes, and to download the TCstudio 4.5.2 installer, please head over to our product portal! Happy modeling! /Tacton R&D