Management of the Association

A Board of Directors manages the Association and its board comprising of one (1) chairman, five (5) members and one (1) representative appointed by Tacton. The chairman and the other board members shall be elected by the Association at an Annual General Meeting.

The chairman is elected for a term of two years, and the members are elected for a term of three years. Only one person from a company may sit on the Board at any one time. Board members are jointly responsible for organizing the dates, venues and subjects for group events as well as publishing schedules and agendas.

The Board 2018

* Chairman: Karin Rydberg, Siemenss
* Deputy Chairman: Martin Björklund, Swissloge
* Secretary: Erik Smiding, Design Evolution AB
* Treasurer: Vacant
* Web Admin: Mikael Lindh, Alimak
* Event Coordinator: Arne Berglund, Bosch Rexroth AB
* Tacton Representative: Silje Leira, SVP Customer Succes
* External Advisor: Roland Kvillborn, Kvadrin Konsult

Tacton has committed to take the running cost for TUA during 2018 including consultancy fee for an external TUA coach.

At the meeting Roland Kvillborn, from Kvadrin Konsult AB, was elected as the external TUA coach.