Tacton User Association (TUA)

TUA is an independent, non-profit organization that facilitates and encourages information exchange between its members.

TUA provides members opportunities to network with fellow Tacton software users and ensures that any concerns are heard by Tacton. TUA members have access to a unique Product Enhancement Process in which they can influence the future development of Tacton software, become part of a worldwide network of Tacton users, participate in conferences, and gain access to our TUA website with communities, special interest groups, and more


The Association’s purposes are:

  • To organize and conduct meetings and events on subjects of common interest to users of Tacton products and services
  • Promote engagement in the Tacton Enhancement Process


Full membership is available to any company that has a Tacton Maintenance Agreement. Full members may send delegates to any General Meeting of the Association and to any other activity organized by the Association.

Benefits of Membership

  • Get the inside track on product roadmaps
  • Connect with Tacton experts
  • Ability to influence Tacton product development
  • Get inside information from other engaged members
  • Attend General Meetings with interesting customer and product presentations
  • Additional invitations to meetings and other special events

Engagement in TUA

A TUA community is a group that comes together to share information, knowledge and experiences around Tacton products. A community is made up of TUA users and Tacton representatives.

An important part of the TUA community is engaged members. Members who offer their time and knowledge are vital ingredients to ensuring that our members come together and share knowledge. We’re always eager to hear from members who are interested in giving something back to the TUA community.

When you are engaged in TUA, you share your ideas and help to foster innovation. You have the power to make a difference in Tacton products. Being an engaged member also benefits your company. Through our Product Enhancement process, members can earn points to be used in the voting process. This includes being a host for a community, contributing blog posts, accepting reference calls, and more. To read more, click here.

We understand that “spare time” is something of a myth these days, however, if you’re enthusiastic about TUA and believe in working together for the benefit of the whole community, please contact us.